Provide for the needs of America’s veterans and seniors by offering a universe of services that include housing, education and training programs, and whole health services.

Deliver exceptional, innovative services that empower veterans and seniors to thrive by living healthy, happy, and productive lives.

Veteran Services USA is a non-profit organization committed to supporting veterans and seniors by offering programs that ensure successful life transitions. For our recently discharged veterans, we provide transitional sponsorship and career support programs, with a focus on mental health and suicide reduction. For our seniors, we offer affordable, independent housing, healthcare, and social service programs across the United States. VSUSA has assembled an accomplished group of individuals, including retired military officers, academics, entrepreneurs, experts in finance, media, and industry to achieve our mission of helping our nation’s veterans and seniors.

Our operating model is designed to adapt two types of real estate to meet the needs of our veterans and seniors: (A) Hospitals and (B) Hotels. Across the country, hospitals are closing at an alarming rate. Currently, we are repurposing hospitals to support veterans and seniors to meet their housing and healthcare needs. Similarly, hotels across the country are in distress. This provides us with the opportunity to acquire large, older, full-service hotels, and convert a portion of the rooms into permanent housing options for seniors and provide social service programs in the commercial spaces such as conference rooms.

These include adult day healthcare services with nutritious meals, therapeutic activities, and socialization at our day centers for seniors 55 years and older. This also includes home care services (e.g., assistance with bathing, dressing, and other essential tasks), mental health counseling, and other services based on the needs of our seniors. For example, therapies for our seniors with disabilities are designed to improve their physical and mental health, especially for those who suffer from post-traumatic stress (PTS) and other health related issues.

These programs are intended to shore up strengths and mitigate vulnerabilities among our veterans. A key component of this is sponsorship throughout their transition process. Sponsors will help veterans develop tailored action plans that support and sustain them post-training and help them integrate into civilian communities through civic and service group activities. Career placement services will also be provided to ensure that veterans are gainfully employed in meaningful, rewarding careers. This multi-pronged approach will help veterans achieve a successful transition to civilian life, with the underlying goal of reducing veteran suicide.

We have also begun to develop partnerships with established organizations with career-track programs ranging from technical and advanced technical to collegiate levels. For example, these programs include underwater welding, computer science, and manufacturing, resulting in a variety of education and training pursuits that leverage the skills and experiences acquired by veterans throughout their military careers.