Programs offered are intended to shore up existing strengths and mitigate vulnerabilities among our veteran population. A key component of this is sponsorship throughout their transition process. Sponsors will help veterans develop tailored action plans that support and sustain them post-training and help them integrate into civilian communities through civic and service group activities. Career placement services will also be provided to ensure that veterans are gainfully employed in meaningful, rewarding careers. This multi-pronged approach will help veterans achieve a successful transition to civilian life, with the underlying goal of reducing veteran suicide.

VSUSA is actively engaged in establishing partnerships with existing organizations providing career-track programs ranging from technical and advanced placement to collegiate levels. For example, these programs may include underwater welding, computer science, and manufacturing, resulting in a variety of education and training pursuits that leverage the skills and experiences acquired by veterans throughout their military careers.

Programs will focus on helping our veterans earn nursing credentials by enrolling them in on-the-job training programs recognized by professional medical organizations. For veterans with backgrounds in the medical fields, these nursing programs leverage the skills and experiences they acquired during their military careers.

Over the next 10 years in the U.S., approximately 800,000 new nursing positions will be needed to meet the demands in the healthcare industry. Currently, we are preparing to open three large acute care hospitals equipped with surgical-quality laboratory space, medical equipment, classrooms, and student dormitory housing. Future programs will include education in related fields such as emergency medical technician (EMT) and medical technology.


Honor — saluting our Veterans’ sacrifice & service through personal integrity & principled conduct
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